Plumber needs to be licensed in Singapore

National water organization PUB will update the permitting plan for handymen from 1 April 2018 to require all sterile plumbers1 to likewise be authorized.

Named the Licensed Plumber (LP) plot, the correction is a development of PUB’s current Licensed Water Service Plumber (LWSP) conspire, under which authorizing is as of now obligatory just for water benefit plumbers2 . Sterile handymen are as of now not required to be authorized.

Raising Competency of Plumbing Industry

The new LP conspire intends to redesign the business’ guidelines by streamlining the operations of water benefit and clean pipes – through preparing, permitting of qualified handymen, and authorization against resistance with PUB’s standards and controls.

“Pipes is a key piece of keeping up the shopper end of water supply and utilized water accumulation. Water and sterile pipes in structures and homes must be constructed appropriately with equipped learning in both water benefit and clean pipes to keep up general wellbeing models. This is the reason we are growing the authorizing system to incorporate clean handymen – to better guarantee the nature of works completed by them and to better secure shopper interests”, said Tan Yok Gin, Deputy Chief Executive (Operations), PUB.

The new LP plan will see both water benefit and sterile handymen working under one basic permit and be skilled in executing the two sorts of pipes work. It will likewise put the pipes business under the specialist of PUB.

Advantages for Consumers

For advancement ventures, Qualified Persons (QPs) are in charge of guaranteeing that sterile channeling work cling to administrative norms. With the amendment, just LPs are permitted to do any type of pipes work, before the QP ensures the finished work. This offers an extra level of value affirmation for purchasers.

For mortgage holders who require plumbing administrations for redesign or general support, the permitting of sterile handymen will give greater quality affirmation of the pipes work.

Engineers and mortgage holders who require both water benefit and clean pipes administrations will likewise appreciate the comfort of connecting with only one LP to do the two works. From 1 April 2018, purchasers and engineers can allude to the PUB site ( for a full rundown of LPs accessible for employ, and in addition a rundown of water benefit and sterile works which must be done by a LP.

Preparing Requirements for the LP License

Like the current LWSP plot, acquiring the new LP permit expects handymen to finish the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Builder Certificate course in Plumbing and Pipe-Fitting (or equal capabilities).

Moreover, handymen will likewise need to go to PUB’s sterile or potentially water benefit plumbing course and pass an evaluation. To upgrade capacity improvement for the business, the Singapore Water Academy (SgWA) in PUB is building up a specific preparing program for handymen which will expand on their ebb and flow capabilities in water benefit and sterile pipes.

The PUB courses will refresh handymen on both the Singapore Standard CP48:2005 – Code of Practice for Water Services and the Code of Practice on Sewerage and Sanitary Works. They will likewise cover security, water quality, general wellbeing and water protection rules which must be consented to while doing plumbing works.

Online enrollment is open now at for BCA’s Builder Certificate course that begins from May 2017. Enlistment for PUB’s courses held from July 2017 opens on 30 April 2017 at

Handymen Automatically Qualified for LP License

An expected 260 handymen, who are authorized by PUB under the LWSP conspire and furthermore hold the Singapore Plumbing Society (SPS) enrollment testament for clean handymen, will consequently fit the bill for the new LP permit. This is on account of they have acquired the essential preparing and are as of now honing and comfortable with the business codes of training for both water administrations and clean work.

Handymen Required to Undergo Training before Obtaining LP License

Another assessed 600 LWSPs and 22 SPS-enlisted clean handymen who don’t have the full arrangement of required capabilities will be offered up to 30 Sep 2018 to get the fundamental capabilities to get the new LP permit. They can likewise keep on offering water benefit or clean pipes benefits up to 30 Sep 2018 while they experience the preparation to meet all requirements for the LP permit. It would be ideal if you allude to Annex An and B for subtle elements.

Bar will postpone the new LP permit application charge and in addition the PUB course and appraisal expenses for existing LWSPs and SPS-handymen.

Non SPS-enlisted, independent clean handymen must acquire the full arrangement of required capabilities (see Annex B) and get the LP permit by 1 April 2018. From that point, just those with the LP permit can offer sterile pipes administrations. After 1 April 2018, independent clean handymen without the LP permit can just work under the heading of handymen who have effectively gotten the LP permit (or current LWSPs or SPS-enlisted handymen until 30 Sep 2018).

Collaborating the Industry

Bar has been working intimately with the Singapore Plumbing Society (SPS), a key exchange relationship, in mutually assessing handymen on competency in sterile attempts to fit the bill for the SPS registry. Bar has likewise drawn in SPS preceding the usage of the LP Scheme.

“For more than two decades, SPS has been PUB’s vital industry accomplice on pipes and sterile issues and we are steady of the extended authorizing to raise and perceive the polished skill of the clean handymen. Advancing, we will share our specialized aptitude to mutually direct clean pipes courses with PUB for handymen to travel to the improved LP Scheme. We additionally urge handymen to keep on signing up with SPS as individuals to keep themselves side by side of advancements in the pipes and clean area. On the whole, SPS can go about as an empowering influence in the business to raise the business principles for the benefit of general wellbeing and prosperity”, said Tan Wee Teck, President, Singapore Plumbing Society.

From 1 October 2018, it is an offense for anybody to do water benefit or sterile pipes works, publicize or generally profess to be a LP without a legitimate PUB LP permit. General society can coordinate their questions or report hones by unlicensed handymen to the building administration or PUB’s 24-hour Call Center at 1800-CALL-PUB (1800-2255-782).

1 Sanitary handymen complete establishment and repair takes a shot at sterile machines, channels and clean deplete lines which pass on utilized water from structures/premises to open sewers. They are right now not required to be authorized for such work.

2 Water benefit handymen do establishment and repair chips away at water funnels, tanks, taps and fittings which pass on water provided by PUB in structures/premises. Under the present plan, they should be authorized by PUB before they can do such work.